The Captains of the Ship

"Only a seaman realizes to what great extent an entire ship reflects the personality and ability of one individual...her Commanding Officer. To a landsman, this concept is difficult to understand, and for us mariners, it may be hard to comprehend, but it is so.

A ship at sea is a different world unto herself. In consideration of the protracted and distant operations of the fleet units, the Navy must place great power, responsibility, and trust in the hands of those leaders chosen for command.

In each ship, there is one man who, in the hour of emergency or peril at sea, can turn to no other man. There is one man who alone is ultimately responsible for the safe navigation, engineering performance, accurate gunfire, and morale of his ship. He is the Commanding Officer. He is THE SHIP."

This assignment is the most demanding and difficult in the Navy. There is not an instant during his tour as Commanding Officer that he can escape the grasp of command responsibility. His privileges in view of his obligations are almost ludicrously small; nevertheless, this is the spur which has given the Navy its great leaders.

It is a duty which most richly deserves the highest, time-honored title of the seafaring world..... CAPTAIN!"

-Joseph Conrad

This page is dedicated to all of the Bainbridge Commanding Officers.

VADM Raymond E. Peet 06 October 1962 - 27 July 1964
CAPT Hal C. Castle (Deceased) 27 Jul 1964 - 17 December 1966
VADM James H. Doyle Jr. 17 December 1966 - 30 August 1970
CAPT William R. Sheridan (Deceased) 30 August 1970 - 09 February 1974
RADM B. Bruce Newell 09 February 1974 - 26 March 1977
RADM T. A. Almstedt Jr. 26 March 1977 - 20 May 1980
RADM J. F. Shaw (Deceased) 20 May 1980 - 24 June 1983
VADM J. Paul Reason 24 June 1983 - 28 June 1986
CAPT J. Thomas Gilmartin 28 June 1986 - 23 June 1989
CAPT Laurance M. Bergin (Deceased.) 23 June 1989 - 23 December 1991
CAPT G. M. Ziller Jr. 23 December 1991 - 24 November 1993
CAPT James M. Brown 24 November 1993 - Decommissioning