Redesigned Reunion Name Tags
Each year the Association provides a blue 2" by 3" engraved name tag for those attending the reunion for the first time, and a blue 1/2" by 3" reunion location tag identifying the city, state and year of the reunion. The reunion location tag is attached to the name tag. For those attending multiple reunions the location tag is added to the name tag to show the total number of reunions the members has attended. We have had twelve reunions so far, so it is possible that a member could have a total of twelve location tags on his name tag. It is apparent that the size of the name tag for some of the members is getting out of hand.

In an effort to reduce the size of the name tag, we will provide an alternate name tag which replaces the multiple location tags with a single 1/2" by 3" blue tag. The single tag will have provisions for the attachment of up to eight silver stars, each star signifying attendance at a past reunion. These tags will be made available to all members by mail or at future reunions. The cost of the alternate name tag is $3.00 for the blue tag and $1.00 for each silver star desired. For those ordering by mail, please identiry the number of stars desired and add $3.00 for shipping costs.

Richard E. Holloway
Treasurer, USS Bainbridge Association
9307 Teakwood Lane
Garden Ridge, TX 78266

Questions concerning the redesigned reunion name tags may be directed to Richard Holloway at 402-451-0485 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.