Sea Stories from the Billy B

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Letter From the Old Man

A Letter From Captain H. Castle to the Families of Bainbridge Crew Members Prior to Deployment 30 October 1966



30 October 1966

Dear Friends of BAINBRIDGE,

Many of you have just joined us recently, and to you I extend a most hearty "Welcome aboard." To those who have been with us for a while, once again I extend my deepest thanks for your wholehearted support.

Just about one year ago I wrote a letter similar to this as we prepared for transit from the east coast to the west coast via the Western Pacific. As I look around the ship today, I see dozens of new faces among the ships company. There certainly has been a big turnover since we returned in June from our deployment. And now, as you know, we are about to depart again, leaving you to "hold the fort" at home.