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This is an open invitation to all former crew members to join the association. You are encouraged to join and rekindle the camaraderie that you once had with your former shipmates.We would love to have you join us.

Members will receive newsletters from the association and information on the yearly reunions. Members are eligible to purchase souvenirs from the ships store.

Note: Widows of former crewmembers may become members of the association free of charge, by submitting the below information to the treasurer.

Each year a reunion is held in different parts of the country. Come share in the Sea Stories. Did you know that the USS BAINBRIDGE was deactivated in 1995? Did you know that she was reclassified as a light cruiser in 1975, CGN-25? Did you know that a brand new Arleigh Burke class destroyer named the USS BAINBRIDGE DDG-96 was commissioned in Ft. Lauderdale Florida in 2005? This is some of the naval lore you will be privy to at the reunions. Bring your wife, significant other or family member as there is plenty to do and see at the reunions. A grand time is had by all. You must be a member to get the information packet describing the annual reunion location each year and related information.

The annual dues are $15.00/year. Please submit your check along with the following information shown on the form to the treasurer, Richard Holloway at 9307 Teakwood Lane, Garden Ridge, TX. 78266.

If you fill in the fields below and then hit submit, your data will be sent to us so that we can be ready to process your mambership when the check arrives. Our sincere thanks for your support.

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