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Bainbridge Ship's Patch

This site is dedicated to Bainbridge veterans and their families, containing a great deal of information and links to other information sources. We're hoping that you will sign the roster, seek out and reconnect with former shipmates.

Many sailors have called Bainbridge, with her pitch, roll, and yaw, their home and the many oceans on which she proudly sailed, having crossed the quarterdeck going ashore or back to sea over more than three decades, beginning with her commissioning in 1962, ending sadly with her decommissioning in 1995. She was a worthy vessel, with nuclear-powered stamina, state of the art armament, and an elite, highly-trained crew, many of whom have honored this site with their names in its roster, and not a few of the listed having passed into Davy Jones Locker and into the arms of the Almighty.

We hope you enjoy sailing with us through our site, and visiting links to other interesting sites.


The mission of the USS BAINBRIDGE was to operate offensively, either independently or with strike and amphibious forces, against air, sea, and land-based threats. With the unlimited endurance and cruising range provided by her nuclear propulsion plant, USS BAINBRIDGE possessed the capability for conducting extended operations without logistics support. USS BAINBRIDGE's advanced search and tracking radars, combined with her extended range Standard surface to air missiles and Harpoon cruise missiles, provided a robust capability for undertaking any assigned task.

The ship's seal contains a five pointed star , denoting the rank of Commodore William Bainbridge USS CONSTITUTION, "Old Ironsides," is encircled with nuclear rings symbolizing the versatility and endurance provided by the ship's propulsion plant.